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Sponsor a Stache, Save the Corps!

Help the Corps during the state shutdown by sponsoring your favorite mustache!

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By donating and voting on your favorite creeper mustache, you help prevent the premature closing of Conservation Corps programs. Support a stache and enable Corpsmembers to continue serving their communities through environmental work!!

Why we need help today: Conservation Corps Minnesota generates revenue to pay our Corpsmembers by partnering with nonprofit, city, county, state and federal land management agencies. Our largest partner is the state of Minnesota. With the shutdown, we are unable to contract with the state to perform habitat restoration projects on state trails and parks and unable to access fleet and equipment necessary to complete the work. Your donation will help the Corps survive this financial crisis and prevent the premature closing of five of our programs, which would result in 327 youth and young adults losing the opportunity to continue service.

What we do and who we do it for: Conservation Corps Minnesota engages 496 youth and young adults (15-25) in meaningful work restoring habitat and conserving energy in Minnesota – reducing soil erosion to improve water quality; building and maintaining trail to improve access to the outdoors; and restoring native habitat to promote biodiversity and healthy ecosystems. Not only do we restore resources, we change lives. Through Conservation Corps programs, young people become more connected to the outdoors as they develop personal responsibility, a strong work ethic and commitment to environmental stewardship. Our roots trace to the 1930s Civilian Conservation Corps that provided young men jobs to support their families during the Great Depression.

Your support helps us continue this tradition and add to the Conservation Corps legacy!

1. Reasons to donate: Because you value nature and want young conservationists to continue planting trees, improving water quality and maintaing trails.

2. Because the state shutdown is costing Minnesota jobs – up to 300 youth and young adults could be prematurely laid off.

3. Because you appreciate and applaud unique facial hair.

4. Because a Conservation Corps impacted your life and you want to help change the lives of other young people too.

5. Because you enjoy watching folks make public mockeries of themselves by sharing unflattering photos!

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