Update on November 21, 2012

  • Update #7

Dear petition signers! Today a cease fire agreement has been reached between Israel and the Hamas. The agreement was facilitated by Egypt, the UN, the USA and several other countries. Israel has agreed to end all hostilities and targeted killings, while…Read More

Update on November 19, 2012

  • Update #6

We have reached well over 100,000 signatures!! But the war is still raging. In the end there will be a cease fire. But how many will die by then? How many orphans, widows and widowers? How many will be wounded, maimed, paralyzed? How many will be…Read More

Update on November 17, 2012

  • Update #5

We have reached 50,000 signatures! However the madness continues as the death toll rises and is now over 50. Many dozens are injured while bombing and rockets continue to terrorize Gazan and Israeli civilians. Leaders on neither side are seriously…Read More

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