Our mission is to raise money for children in Chicago's underserved grade schools to provide for the students' most basic needs, including basic products like toilet paper and school supplies.

Welcome to Learning Through Giving (LTC): Fundraising for Chicago's Underserved Schools. Please continue to read About Us to help us raise awareness for this wonderful charity being backed by The Genesis Therapy Center.

Genesis is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization in Oak Forrest, IL. Genesis was founded 24 years ago on the principle of commitment to affordable, accessible, skilled, and respectful service to all. Each member of the Genesis team embodies this principle in their work, providing quality assessment, counseling, and consultation services to individuals, families, couples, groups, and local organizations.

Dedicated to their belief that no one should be denied services due to limited income or ability to pay, Genesis developed a Community Care Program, which provides services on a sliding fee scale.

As Therapy Interns, we were given the amazing opportunity to offer counseling services and preventative education about bullying, drugs, and alcohol to multiple underserved grade schools in impoverished, inner-city neighborhoods throughout Chicago's South suburbs.

Many students attend these schools with the hope that they will receive a strong, safe education. As counselors, we witnessed these small schools struggling to meet the basic needs of their students. We observed children without textbooks, having to wait until others were finished so they could borrow the books of their peers whose families or caregivers were able to afford them. Some of our clients (students) attended school in worn, soiled uniforms. In one school, toilet paper was rationed due to a shortage of supplies.

In the past, this program received Title IV Government funding. As a result of government budget cuts, however, these funds are no longer available to provide these crucial services within the schools.

The entire staff at Genesis is saddened by the possibility that this program will cease to exist and leave the children of these schools even more underserved.

To honor the students who have forever touched our hearts, we have decided to start this fund to assist Genesis in providing services within the schools. We ask that you join us in our efforts and help the staff at Genesis, who have all given us so much, give back. Our goal is to raise $10,000 by July 2012 to allow us to give the schools donations for these needed supplies and to allow for Interns to still volunteer their time at these schools.

Donations are tax-deductable and the Genesis tax identification number is 363508233. If you have any questions, please contact Mike Anton at (708) 535-7320, Ext. 20 or Anne Morrill-Ploum at Ext. 13.

Thank you,

Mike Anton, Jenna Repp, Amanda Epolito, Elise Young, Meghan Wittenborn, Morgan Brill, Jennifer Ernst, and Brandi Balbontin

The Genesis Therapy Center Former Interns

1. Provide for the students' most basic of needs, including toilet paper for the schools' restrooms

2. Raise funds to allow students to receive necessary school supplies, including books, writing utensils, and notebooks

3. Provide adequate funds to allow for the continued presence of a Title IV representative to offer individual counseling and classroom presentations

4. Increase funds for Genesis' Schools Program in an effort to benefit the schools for years to come

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