To transform millions of lives through research, advocacy, and education.

The National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association: 1) advocates nationally for research and policy changes towards fibromyalgia for equal access to care; 2) educates at medical and patient conferences and through online programs; and, 3) listens to patients' concerns through social media and direct contact.

The NFMCPA developed the CURE FM campaign to advance scientific research in new areas. What treatments work for FM and why? What causes worsening symptoms? How are co-existing, overlapping conditions related to FM?

New researchers must be attracted to help us move forward again. FM was validated in 1990 when the American College of Rheumatology defined the diagnostic criteria for FM. A surge of interest between 1985-2005 produced the main body of research still used today. Since 2005, little progress has been made towards understanding FM so treatments can be developed or a cure found.

The NFMCPA President strongly advocates in Washington for federal funding of research. Due to our national economy's condition, we believe it is imperative that people from the fibromyalgia community join together to fund scientific research. Researchers are interested, but they must have funding.

The CURE FM campaign to raise $5 million dollars for research needs your assistance. Please help us improve the quality of life for people affected by FM. Join with us now! Donate and ask others to donate. Spread the word. Together we can make a difference and transform lives!

1. Fibromyalgia is a common and complex chronic pain disorder that affects people physically, mentally and socially.

2. Unite and advocate to overcome access to care barriers for millions of people affected by FM.

3. Chronic widespread pain, multiple tender points, abnormal pain processing, sleep disturbances, and often psychological distress.

4. Moderate to severe fatigue, cognitive function difficulty, headaches, migraines, anxiety, depression and overlapping conditions like IBS, TMJ and CFS.



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