To build community and feed people.

In 2006, we began a feeding program for immigrants, seniors and the working poor - the Peace Meal Project. In 2009, we started serving weekly meal. The Peace Meal Project now serves over 50 meals each week. Our goal is as much about building community and breaking down barriers as it is about feeding people a healthy, delicious meal. We at St. John's, Tower Grove view the Peace Meal to be a precursor to the communion meals we share on Sunday.


2. At least 50 people served every Saturday of the year. Each meal costs about $100 - it is easy to sponsor a meal in honor of someone!

3. The total cost of the Peace Meal Project is $6000.00 a year. Help us reach self-sufficiency in 2011!

4. We always serve a vegetarian option and we do not serve pork. We use local produce and halal meat when possible.

5. Sponsored by "St. John's, Tower Grove" (Like us on Facebook)

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