Official Declaration of Universal Peace 2

 •    WHEREAS      Peace Heals all.       

 •    WHEREAS      The Natural Design of all LivingKind is Peace.    

 •    WHEREAS      Gods Fullness in all Its Traditions, Translations and 

                              Expressions is Love/Peace.

 •    WHEREAS      All Prayers of all Time have been rooted in Hopes of


 •    WHEREAS      Countless Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Brothers, Sons and 

                              Fathers of all Spiritual Traditions,  of all Nations, of all 

                              Wars, of all Time have given of their Lives and the Lives 

                              of those which they  Love,  in the Name of God and    

                              Aspirations of Freedom and Universal Peace.

•    WHEREAS      The Undeniable Foundation of Our Equally Interdependent                               Right of Life is Peace.      

 •    WHEREAS      Peace is embedded in the Universal Declaration of Human                               Rights unanimously ratified by the  United Nations on                               October 10, 1948 (Articles 1-7. 18, 20#1, 26#2).


                                        UNIVERSAL PEACE TWO

 is a Divinely Calling Forth of the Peace due all LivingKind as a direct result of all the lives offered for and lost by all Spiritual Warriors/Veterans of all Wars of all Time.  We have given of their Lives for and of the Love of their family, friends and community all in the Name of God, Love and Peace.

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