its been 3 years, I don't know why I pay the annual maintenance to SAP. come next year, if pb 12.5 is the last and only version with nothing new happening,I think I shall cease maintenance.

Powerbuilder is just the best (and msot likely the only real) RAD in Windows. No equivalent in database
connectivity and data handling.
Worked in Java and C#, good , but it does not come near PB.

I work in dental industry and I know quite a few other dental practices that are still using Powerbuilder and applications developed in Powerbuilder.

I have been using PowerBuilder since version 1.0a. It is a fantastic, rapid-application development tool for building Windows applications. This tool needs updates to keep up with today's business requirements. In particular, we need native PDF generation, mobile, Mac and web deployment, and…Read More

I have several Projects in PowerBuilder and they should run in the Future. We aren't able to change them to .net or anything else. Developing in PowerBuilder is really fast and the compiled software ist faster then .net

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