All public servants operte under an oath of office, which is bonded by a limited liability insurance, currently they do not honour their oath without penalty, this type of action will fource then to do their job properly and honestly, if this fails one way to get a remedy is through a very…Read More

I have been a government corruption whistleblower in CT for several plus years. The police and judiciary have been used against me maliciously in 4 false arrests and persecutions/prosecutions in less than 3 years. The corrupt judges, courts, police and multiple govt. entities orchestrated fraud in…Read More

Please sign and share my petition, I'm seeking justice for my dad. See, share & like!~My Story of Gang Stalking, Corruption and Domestic Terrorism

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This is similar to a Rock the Judicial Community Hides Behind

Remove ABSOLUTE JUDICIAL IMMUNITY - Hold the Judicial community responsible for their actions