We the people are asking the Federal Government to step up and be a voice and protector for our children. So many of us live in states that will not enforce the highest penalty for the abduction, rape, and murder of our most innocent citizens,

Our Babies are being taken from their families and tortured before being killed. The United States is ignoring a Human Rights Violation that is going on right in their own backyards. Children have the right to go for bike rides, walk to a friend's house, walk to school, go to the playground, and expect to be safe from Predators.

We want the Federal Government to take over on cases which are already considered eligible for the Federal Death Penalty when the state the crime is committed in does not acknowledge the Death Penalty.

The laws are already there to make this possible, we are just asking that you enforce them. Certain Monetary crimes are automatically picked up by the Federal Government, we believe our children are more valuable!

Please click this link and sign the petition on the "We The People" site.

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