PROViDE is a non-profit organization offering long-term ecological solutions to stimulate struggling economies in areas of developing nations recovering from disaster.

* Participation in recovery and livelihood enhancement projects more effectually invests people in their own long-term recuperation.
* Creating innovative solutions by synthesizing traditional and scientific knowledge must include affected community members in every step: needs assessment, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
* Project improvements must be cyclical and based on evaluation by community participants and technical supporters.
* Indices of success and effectiveness include handing over every element of a project to local constituents within two years of inception.
* Aim to empower individuals and communities with skills and knowledge rather than handouts and charity.
* Sustainability must balance social, economic and ecological elements, AKA, the triple bottom-line.

1. Ecological Solutions

2. Sustainable Disaster Relief

3. Economic Enhancement in Developing Countries


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