ACMC is dedicated to serving Central Texans by expanding knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of chamber music through the highest quality instruction and perfo

ACMC seeks to:

* Develop the next generation of musicians and audiences.
* Make chamber music accessible and available to everyone.
* Make friends making music.
* Provide audiences with a wide range of chamber music experiences.
* Provide an avenue for professional musicians to interact with each other and to communicate their enthusiasm for chamber music to students and audiences through teaching and performance.
* Develop and expand the chamber music repertoire, including the commissioning of new works, study, and recording of less familiar repertoire.
* Instill lifelong skills of leadership and cooperation through music education.


* An academic year academy and intensive summer workshop for students of all ages, with formal instruction in musicianship and the techniques of rehearsing and performing chamber music.
* Scholarships based on merit and need.
* In-school coaching programs at McCallum and LBJ High Schools and Lamar and Fullmore Middle Schools.
* A program of international exchanges.


* Intimate concerts in elegant homes, simulating the original venues in which chamber music was performed
* Concerts in public venues: churches, universities, and museums.
* An annual chamber music festival with performances by local and visiting classical musicians.


* Concerts and interactive programs for under-served populations: Nursing and retirement homes
* Public Schools
* Churches
* Schools for the disabled

1. Scholarships for ACMC students.


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