SPCA decided to sue House of Stray Animals for the article or complaint they have given regarding SPCA's negligence. SPCA has been demanding $ 200,000 from House of Stray Animals and it is not possible for an NGO to give this amount of money. HSA dfoesn't have this amount of money and hence they want support from various people to join them in their cause to give Babu Lal his share and dedicate to him, one of the blocks in SPCA animal shelter. If they receive ample amount of support, it will help their case against SPCA's suing charges. They are willing to give their lives to provide justice to Babu Lal.

They have not put any serious allegation on SPCA and instead have just said that it is due to the negligence of SPCA that Babu Lal has died. They have reported this incident just to make sure that Babu Lal gets remembered always and his death doesn't go in vain.

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