No chance of parole/freedom until 15 years should mean exactly that! Not mounting freedom due to certain circumstances after 7 only to revictimize the familial victims every year/or now 6 months, the criminal has a chance and gets more freedom! This needs to change! My mom was brutally beaten and shot with a 12 gauge rifle to her face by Cecil Pendergast. He brutally murdered her knowing my little brother was in the house- my little brother also found her struggling for air. He said his first thought was that mom was playing a trick on him and had thrown spaghetti onto the wall, until he realized that this was not the case... My mom was a stay at home single mother of 3 children. She made sure we ate our three meals a day, made sure we did our homework, and had a good night sleep. Our mom was our world and now we seek justice. Please, please sign our petition, your signature could make the difference!! Thank you so much! Sincerely, The Gillingham and Courtney Family

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