To Let the World Know that we with FM/CFS/Arthritis are TIRED OF SUFFERING due to inadequate care and to raise funds for a cure. We declare WAR on poor providers here!

Weary of physicians who will not or cannot treat this disease adequately, today we take our stand and declare that we aren't going to suffer while the world ignores us any longer! Declare WAR on poor practicioners and FM/CFS by listing their info here for everyone to see. We will make them listen! Tell the world that the present FM/CFS (and all chronic pain diseases) treatment protocol DOES NOT WORK! You can take your stand with us, here today!

1. Raise Funds towards research for a cure of Fibromyalgia

2. Declaration: We demand better quality of life and will no longer tolerate poor pain management! The present "Treatment Protocol" is innefective.

3. We want our lives BACK! Take your stand with other FM sufferers NOW!

4. The Ultimate Fibromyalgia Resource Center

5. Declare WAR on your poor pain/symptom management specialist on the Discussion Board. Let others know they will not provide the care needed.


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