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Say NO to Naser Al Dihani's Massacre of Stray Dogs!

Naser AlDihani is a shooter who massacred 30 stray dogs in Kuwait & plans to kill more. Demand an end to this violence!

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    A petition to put an end to Naser Al Dihani's shooting career for abusing his permit and massacring…Read More

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Abrar AlShammari
Abrar AlShammari Campaign leader

Attached are the photos that Naser posted on his Instagram account of his massacre. They are graphic, but the dogs should not have died…Read More

Shooter Massacres 30 Dogs on Killing Spree

A professional Kuwaiti shooter went on a killing spree and shot thirty stray dogs, then boasted about it on his Instagram account with pictures, and promised his followers a video to follow. He did it to ‘avenge’ the ‘attack of’ a 4-year-old child, who was allegedly attacked by six dogs who had rabies. However, there has been little evidence of…Read More