WWF’s strategy to stop wildlife crime starts with bolstering grassroots conservation and the rangers that are on the frontline of the battle to save nature. It extends to efforts influencing governments and policy changes at international fora. If we are to defeat the powerful crime syndicates at the center of this heinous trade, we must work together at all levels.  In 2013, WWF supported the establishment of the Ranger Federation of Asia (RFA), aimed at creating a community for rangers, gaining recognition for their work, and connecting with other ranger organizations.   For nearly two decades, WWF’s Russell E. Train Education for Nature Program (EFN) has provided support and training to conservation leaders—including rangers—in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Since 1994, EFN has supported training for over three thousands park rangers from more than 20 countries. Today, we continue to back rangers in many protected areas around the world. 

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