Hi friends,

Check out this recent NPR story about a group of formerly homeless individuals on a speaking tour about what life is like being…Read More

60 Minutes produced a moving piece tonight on homeless children and families. View it here, http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7358670n&tag=contentMain;cbsCarousel
Seeing this piece reinforces for me how critical it is that we must act to make positive change happen for homeless children.…Read More

Christ Church United has an inspired vision, in keeping with our stand to
be "Loved by God, Loving our Neighbor, and Walking the way of Justice"
Today, we're on the verge of completing the Housing Development Agreement (we're partnering with CASCAP, an affordable housing developer in Cambridge,…Read More

Hi folks,
Thanks for supporting the cause to house the homeless in Lowell in an under-utilized church. We are currently at 76 members. Can we get to 100 members by tomorrow? I think so. The more people who know about this effort and show their support by joining the cause, the better chance we have…Read More