Children are forced out of school in Uganda when their parents die, as they can't pay the school fees. Dream One World is building this center to give orphans a free education, room, and board.

We are building the first building of our school complex for orphans, the library. When complete, this building will initially be a classroom for 150 students until we can build the K-6 separate classroom buildings. The sooner we get this first building completed, the sooner "our" children may start school - please help us!!! Thank you... With Love and Gratitude, ALL of US

1. Dream One World is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit, doing this work for LOVE!

2. We are building this school complex in an area of Uganda that has never seen help from ANYONE before.

3. Everyone building this school is a volunteer.

4. 100% of donations we receive earmarked for this project go to this project.

5. Please learn more at

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