To sustain the memory of the Holocaust with the world

Hello and Welcome to The Holocaust Memorial Foundation: The Official Cause

This a cause based on a new group development to raise awareness globally that the sustenance for Holocaust memorial must be maintained to the greatest length possible.

We have chosen Yad Vashem International as our charity because it is the largest Holocaust related organization in the world and has spent years working on finding the six million records of the Jews that perished.

Please donate in any way possible and any amount is gratefully accepted. ANYONE WHO DONATES IS MADE AN ADMIN.

Also benefits and mentions will be made the to the huge effort put into inviting and getting members into the cause which is the foundation stone of the cause itself

For any other information please see the group

Josh and Mary

1. Raise/Donate money to the cause

2. Invite your friends and spread awareness

3. Remember the Holocaust forever and always

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