Help sustain and expand free dental care to the uninsured.

Delta Dental is proud to sponsor America’s Mission of Mercy, providing free dental services to the underserved since 2000. Missions of Mercy have helped more than 100,000 with more than $50 million in free dental care over the past decade. Delta Dental wants to make sure A.M.O.M. has the equipment it needs to treat even more people.

Delta Dental specializes in providing dental benefits programs to more than 54 million Americans in more than 93,000 employee groups throughout the country. Delta Dental companies provide affordable dental benefit plans to large and small groups and individuals. Over the past five years, Delta Dental companies have donated more than $250 million to provide dental care to people who cannot afford it, equip dental schools and charity clinics, educate children and adults about oral health and advance dental science. To find out more about what Delta Dental is doing in your state, visit

1. Purchase mobile dental equipment to be used at free dental clinics throughout the country.

2. Help uninsured and low income adults and children get out of pain due to poor oral health.

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