To reduce maternal and infant ethnic health disaprities and improve birth outcomes through a midwifery training program and birth center in Los Angeles.

Moms and babies are dying. Leading international organizations recommend midwives to improve outcomes, reduce ethnic disparities, improve skilled maternity care. Yet globally, in the U.S., and Los Angeles, there are too few. Birth centers not accessible for poor families. Our Midwifery School and Birth Center is committed to a... possibility of wholistic, family-centered, quality maternity care for all. We recruit student midwives from communities of color where birth outcomes are poorest and will provide access to an alternative birthing center.

1. Reduce ethnic disparities in maternal morbidity and mortality

2. Reduce ethnic disparities in infant mortality and prematurity through a midwifery model of care

3. Ensure access to evidence-based maternity care and childbirth options for all

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