As tragic as this little boy’s death is, the issue is about responsible ownership of ALL DOGS.

It should not be about extinguishing large breeds that are perceived as “vicious.” 

Dog attacks do not just involve pitties and mastiffs. 

There are plenty of instances where children have been attacked or killed by the family’s collie, basset, or retriever.

Responsible pet ownership is the key. To train dogs to be part of the family, to always supervise children around dogs, to restrict dogs that may be unpredictable from young children (who are also unpredictable), and to not set up a dangerous situation. 

To be proactive, rather than reactive.

To suggest a solution of killing specific breeds because of several horrible incidents is completely off-base, ineffective and unnecessary.

A "dog buy back scheme" is not the answer.

This is what i think.

Do you think people should be allowed to keep dangerous dog breeds as pets? 

My Answer : Just - what is a dangerous dog breed?

Do you think Australians would part with their dogs in exchange for cash? 

Answer : yes, sadly some would.  I myself - would NOT.

Should owners be held criminally responsible for the actions of their animals?

Answer : YES - absolutely!

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