Izilwane—Voices for Biodiversity shares your stories from around the globe to enhance our human relationship with other species and the environment. www.Izilwane.org

We are a global online community sharing stories to connect humans with the natural world and help other species flourish. We believe that, as humans become aware that we are one of many species and not separate from our ecosystems, we will choose to live in ways that value all species. Our goal is to help people, whose voices are rarely heard, find their voices, as well as lend their voices to other non-human beings, who cannot speak for themselves.

To this end, we have created a multimedia platform where people can share their stories with each other and the general public. We welcome submissions (articles, photos, videos, and podcasts) from anyone with a story to share about other species, biodiversity, or human relationship to the environment. At this time, we are fundraising to pay our staff, who have been all-volunteer for four years, to pay for website maintenance and other operational expenses, and to provide our content-creators with a stipend for their published work. Please check out this innovative conservation-media-community at: www.Izilwane.org.

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