During a recent trip to Ghana, we witnessed the harsh reality of forgotten children who are desperate for someone to care.  Kwamiyi and Kwami are two of those children, who have suffered from no fault of their own, simply forced to face the cruel truth of abject poverty.

Abandoned and afraid, Kwamiyi and Kwami have led a life of extraordinary hardship, with no one to care for them, but each other.  At just eleven and fourteen years of age, their eyes speak a history almost unfathomable to imagine.  Kwamiyi and Kwami have never been to school, they never had a permanent home.  For these two boys, life has been about survival.

In hopes of making a vital difference for Kwamiyi and Kwami, CCF has partnered with local religious and committed volunteers who have been successful in finding a foster arrangement as well as specialized education.  Now, we need your support!  The two boys face ongoing medical requirements, are in need of basic supplies and lack schooling fees.  Help us dramatically change the lives of these once forgotten children by offering any amount today.  Give Kwamiyi and Kwami a chance to live the way that every child deserves.

Please visit us at www.ccf4kids.com for more info.
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