To fund research that advances our understanding of the causes of mental illness, improves methods of diagnosis and treatment and, ultimately, identifies a cure to psychiatric diseases.

Shortly before my 28 year old brother took his life in 1985, he said to my mother, “If you ever have money to donate, give it to mental health research.”

The Jonathan Edward Brooking Memorial Fund for Mental Health Research at McLean Hospital, established by my grandmother Margaret Williams Dumaine, is the result.

For a period of time, McLean Hospital was my brother’s home, as well as a safe haven for our family as it, too, struggled through the challenges of his illness. Now McLean is the source of much hope, because funds from Jonathan’s endowment will someday ensure that others won’t have to experience what he did.

Despite what my brother endured, I think there was a grander purpose in his abbreviated life—to suffer, so others wouldn’t have to. The silver lining in his tragic story is that he was a catalyst for good things to come.

I’d like to think that if we can continue to bring the subject of mental illness out of the shadows and apply brilliant minds to the task, we might see some real progress: de-stigmatize the disease and possibly find a cure. That would be a wonderful legacy for Jonathan. That would be an amazing gift for us all.

Located in Belmont, Massachusetts, McLean Hospital ( is a comprehensive psychiatric hospital dedicated to providing superior quality, cost-effective and compassionate mental health services.

Since 1811, McLean has been a world leader in the treatment of mental illness and chemical dependency, research into the cause of mental illness and the training of generations of mental health care providers.

It’s likely that you, somebody in your family, or someone you know, have also been touched by mental illness. This is your chance to help, to acknowledge the pain and sadness it can inflict on entire families, and to do something meaningful to change that.

Your donation will be used to fund psychiatric research at McLean, where more than 400 scientists are working diligently to uncover the biological basis for psychiatric illness.

Although the NIH provides funding for mental health research, federal funding goes to only established research projects. This means that the most innovative and early stage research must be funded by private donations.

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You can request more information by emailing: [email protected]

THANK YOU, for helping to make a difference. If my brother was alive today, he would surely thank you too.

1. It’s likely that you, somebody in your family, or some one you know, have been touched by mental illness.

2. Federal funding only goes to established research projects so the most innovative and early stage research must be funded by private donations.

3. By applying brilliant minds to the task, there is real hope that we might see great progress and possibly find a cure.

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