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Brandee Packard

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Champions Of Family Prayer

This is a chance for me to be spiritually in tune with my happiness and grateful for my family. I have never been so peaceful and elated with where I am headed in my life, it feels wonderful. I think GOD every morning for waking me and for letting me see my family. I am so thankful for the gift he has giving me with my significant other. I am truly blessed, thank you GOD!

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Dana Mundy

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Champions Of Family Prayer

this campaign matters to me because I am a mother and also a Christian. I believe in Jesus Christ in God's Word and the miraculous power of his blood. I have seen too many times when God has intervened and change the situation that I try to handle myself. I am praying for my daughters salvation and that God opens her eyes to the relationship that is ungodly , unhealthy and beyond her repair.

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