It is important because it affects the lives of many people. Denigrating people because of race or colour or creed has no place in modern history.
Although I refuse to be politically correct with the use of words which are after all just that words. Words such as black, white and gay are all words…Read More

Johnnie Jae
Johnnie Jae Campaign leader

The R*dskins organization is desperately trying to perpetrate the belief that this issue is being “manufactured” and is the political…Read More

The R*dskins Myth of a Manufactured, White Liberal Controversy

Native News Online
Guest Commentary Contrary to what Dan Snyder and R-word supporters would like you to believe, the #Changethename movement against the Washington football team and native mascotry is not a new battle. It has been waging for decades. The belief that this is a controversy stirred up by White Liberals is, also, the furthest thing from the truth. …Read More

The word 'R-dsk-ns' is just very demeaning...are jews called kikes?? are French called frogs, Are whites called crackers and pales skins??? etc.
Can't you see it now??
The kikes against the frogs with crackers in the bleachers!!!!

I would never call names and find it very…Read More

Twitterstorm this! Ryan RedCorn's hilarious takedown of FedEx's continued corporate sponsorship of an unTrademarkable slur.

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