it is so wrong, for my grandchildren and great grandchildren to feel they can't be proud of who they are because of silly names that are racist and still being used by news/ sports media and national teams...

If they truly wish to honour the people of the land we now call America? then they should use the name the people call themselves always supposing they ask for and receive permission that is. otherwise any other name will do for a football team

No one would stand for a team named the "N" word. The term Redskin is just as offensive to Native Americans as the "N" word is to African Americans. I am Blackfoot and find the term extremely offensive. It is time America learns to respect people of all races and nationalities.

It is time the citizens of the United States of America get behind its Constitution to bring peace to this world and stop trampling on the constitution to bring discard among the nations.

The land and customs belong to the first people of any country not to the late comers.

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