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Bill Edwards

Bill is gathering 10 signatures to

Stop The Use Of A Racial Slur As A Team's Nickname

People are people not mascots. It is time to take a stand on racial injustice. Native American who at one time was the majority in this land are now a very small minority, but a powerful minority are not mascot or anything else non-native may think Natives are. Most non-natives think they can say anything about Native Americans or speak for Native Americans, yet they know nothing about Natives. The "logic"used by the owner of the Washington football team is the same kind of "logic" used by white racist in the 50s and 60s when talking about African American people. Native American people percentage wise has the highest enrollment in the armed service than any other racial group in the country. Natives are proud yet sensitive people. Not people to be made fun of or belittled. Native people have suffered enough! In a land where freedom of religion was held in high regard, Native religions was Outlawed until recently........."Native American Freedom of Religion Act". As a people we have lost much, our homelands, our language, our way of life, we have shed blood, sweat, and tears, all that so that our children may live along side the non-native invader in peace. So please do not step on our dignity any more...........we are not mascots!

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Personal Campaign


Anonymous is gathering 10 signatures to

Stop The Use Of A Racial Slur As A Team's Nickname

This is a clear discrimination of the First Peoples Nation, the US Native American People. If any other race would be exposed, a person would be considered a racist. There is no difference in the use of the use of one color than another. I fully agree that the name should be changed and to stop the exploiting of the Native American People. It is time for the US to start holding up to all the treaties of the First Nations People. Which they have never done in the past to present. I agree that the name, "Red Skins" , should be stopped and a non discriminatory name be chosen for the ball team if they are to continue to receive tax breaks from the US Government. It is time to stop all the racial slurs and names given to the people and give them back their dignity that they have been robbed of for way too long. Please sign the petition and help to see that we all are treated fairly. The First Nations People have been lied to, murdered, slaughtered,starved, yet good enough to go and fight for, die for, and serve in the military and government for the people. They tried breeding them out, starving them out, and killing them out. It is absolutely time for change. Please sign and see that they are given full due process for all the crimes that have been committed against them since the first people came here, after the First Nations People. You will find that in this country that the ones of the mixed race of Native American People and the states with the most Native American People, are the states that have the highest drug problems, suicide rate, and among the poorest of all people of this Nation. It is time that all this is turned around and the government of this country stops allowing the exploitation of the First Nations People entirely. If any people deserve compensated by the United States Government, it is truly the First Nations People.

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Personal Campaign

Kelly Byars

Kelly is gathering 10 signatures to

Stop The Use Of A Racial Slur As A Team's Nickname

A redskin is the dripping blood of a Native American scalp. Though history will tell you Natives started the scalping, it was in reality the French then the frontiersmen that continued the practice. American history is a false tale of pop culture that should be revised with truth. Stop the campaign of hatred toward Native Americans. America will change, be a part of that change or be left behind and hated by your own children.

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