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"Racism and the tolerance of racism diminishes everyone." This article is written by Carter Meland (of White Earth Anishinaabe heritage)…Read More

'Redskins' name is stuck in a perceived past, so let's put it where it belongs

  Make no mistake: The Washington Redskins team name is offensive. It’s racially loaded at best and thoroughly racist at worst; it is degrading and dehumanizing both in the imagery it depends on and in the type of “savage” behavior it allows fans to engage in — and seemingly forgives. Though fans argue that the name honors Native people,…Read More

I grew up in New Mexico and knew many First Americans -- Blackfoot, Cherokee, Jemez, Navajo and Pueblo kids and adults. As a young student in the Dominican Order, I spent summers working on the Mille Lacs Ojibwa reservation in Minnesota and with Sioux and Objiwa in the Twin Cities. Later, I…Read More

Not Your Mascots, Inc.
Not Your Mascots, Inc. Campaign leader

NPR has become the first national news organization to drastically scale back its use of the term "Redsk*n". ‪#‎Progress‬

Changing Field: A New Guideline On What To Call That Washington Football Team

Changing Field: A New Guideline On What To Call That Washington Football Team Washington fans watch their team during the second half of an NFL football game against Arizona on Sunday. Ross D. Franklin/AP hide caption itoggle caption Ross D. Franklin/AP Washington fans…Read More

I feel this says it all!

stop the use of a racial slur as a team's nickname

It is important because it affects the lives of many people. Denigrating people because of race or colour or creed has no place in modern history.
Although I refuse to be politically correct with the use of words which are after all just that words. Words such as black, white and gay are all words…Read More

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