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Tell Your Ny State Assembly Person To Vote Yes On "Stephen's Law!"

This IS A COMMON SENSE LAW, nobody,not Celebrities,nor Congressmen,Police Officers,FBI,CIA,ANYONE THAT EVEN MEANS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATE NOW OR THEN. NO ONE SHOULD BE EXCLUDED. My best friend was killed in Friendwood,Texas,by an ignorant, lazy,SOB,that was just too lazy to get a Texas Drivers Lisence. In turn he got a slap on the wrist. 6 months PROBATION, THAT'S IT. THIS IS A LAW THAT HAS TO PASS. PLEASE........ITS NOT ONLY MY LOSS IT REVERBERATES THRU OUT OUR FAMILIES AND SO ON. Our campaign leaders Son was killed by one of these "LAZY PEOPLE"is a really serious situation, more than you know. Look our people that ALL Bleed Red,are in DANGER of losing their lives,some one you know,or have know may end up like this"DEAD"from a "Lazy Person". One day, I GAURANTEE IT YOU WILL BE TOUCHED BY THIS STUPIDITY,SOMEHOW SOMEWAY,SOMEDAY.but you can stop it by signing this PETITION,PLEASE. "Don't let your loved ones go thru the DEATH of a person close to them our YOU. It happens so often MORE THAN YOU KNOW. Please sign,so we can pass the law from a "misdemeanor" to a "FELONY" and get these people off the streets for good..........Thank You, Cheri Henderson

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