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We need signatures not like buttons. Liking this will not change laws! Signatures will! This will save your children too! This will protect your family too! This will give justice where Justice belongs!!!!

We are working on our Documentary to help educate the public, change laws and save lives!!!!

If you care about the future of your family and friends, please sign the petition. Do not allow anymore killers to get away with murder! 

Dave out future!!!

Vote yes on Stephen's Law!!! Sign. Sign. Sign. 

Thank you. 

Pennie Fay, President Stephen Joseph Fay Memorial Fund, INC

516 351-5709

Donations accepted via paypal and our website:

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Hello. Hope all is well! Its not on my end. I need to do a PSA and am wondering if you know of any outlets for fund raising, grants both government and private, endowments, etc...?

Friday was our last day in court. when I got back I tried to reconcile how a person could kill someone and only get 30 days concurrent from all his other infractions. Just the week b4 he killed Stephen, he was stopped on the LIE and ticketed for driving with a suspended license. He admitted to it in open court. I said my statement. He apologized when the Judge asked him would you like to respond to Mrs. Fay? His legal aid attorney interrupted my statement with that's because your son was speeding in such a sarcastic tone. The DA objected and stated, that is not true. The evidence proves HE WAS NOT SPEEDING. The evidence proves the defendant cut him off and killed him. The Judge read him the riot act and wished there was more evidence or better laws because if the law were on her side, she would lock him up and throw away the key! We must fight for Stephen's Law! Who will help me start fighting for it and petition the NY Assembly. I am going to the media. The gag order was lifted. Both the DA and my attorney said I can talk about his long history and his attempted murder of a police officer. He does not belong on the streets. They handcuffed him and took him away. But, its only for 16 days. I need help to fight the fight. RIP Stephen!!!! As of today, Monday October 29, 2012, his killer will be out in 14 days!

THIS JANUARY ASSEMBLY SESSION WILL RECEIVE "STEPHEN'S LAW!": Senator Jack Martins, DA Maureen McCormick and DA Kathleen Rice finished writing "Stephen's Law", which represents: Any motor vehicle operator, of any vehicle who operates a vehicle with a suspended license/and or are unlicensed and are in an accident where they cause bodily injury or fatality, shall be charged with a felony, in lieu of a misdemeanor! We are fighting for this law...a pure common sense law. It will NOT be grandfathered in for our Stephen, will help the many other Stephen's and their families in years to come. Please help us fight for Stephen's Law and if you can...please help donate to the fund. Thank you!

This is very important to us. Our foundation: "Stephen Joseph Fay Memorial Fund, INC" a 2 part fund.

1) Every year a wrestling candidate from Carle Place HS will be the recipient of an all expenses paid wrestling camp scholarship. 2) As we continue to grow...we will cover medical costs for those in need after any motor vehicle accident, motorcycle accident. Pedestrian struck accident...whether or not they do or don't have insurance...we will financially help them with the costs of hospitalizations, surgery, emotional and physical therapy, medicine, prosthesis, supportive care, etc... Insurance always has a cap and denies necessary treatment on a constant. We intend to help with that financially.

OUR GOAL AND MISSION: To eventually assist all 50 states with financial medical assistance as well as adopting "STEPHEN'S LAW!". We'd like to partner up with other nonprofits such as for prosthesis, ears, eyes, emotional and physical therapy, hospitals willing to donate or share their foundations who donate to them. The LIST goes on. Next week I am starting a MEDIA BLITZ regarding this injustice and hope to bring "STEPHEN'S LAW" to fruition, so that other families wouldn't have to suffer the way we are. Had the NY Assembly passed the 3 STRIKE law last year, Stephen would still be alive! We must petition the Assembly so that the Senate get the bill and passes "STEPHEN'S LAW!" Please contact me and share your knowledge. Let's SAVE LIVES together! Pennie Fay President, Board of Directors Stephen Joseph Fay Memorial Fund, INC NonProfit 501 (3)(C)

Thank you! I hope you can direct me in the proper channels. I discussed the script with SAG and they love it. I need to hire a tertiary company for the non profit advertising. Other than that, I need the funds to start. I'd like to film this Spring. I can be reached @ [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and the simplest way: 516 351-5709. Thanks so much! Pennie


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