Often, faculty of The Film School speak eloquently about how incredibly important it is for society to "groom people to be the heroes they…Read More

An almost inexpressibly high level of courage is required to stand in public and talk about having been raped. Many of us witnessed that…Read More

On August 18, 1995, Kenneth Trentadue was confined in the Federal Bureau of Prisons' Federal Transfer Center ("FTC") in Oklahoma City, after being arrested for a parole violation. Two days later he was dead. When the Bureau of Prisons ruled his death a suicide his family became alarmed, knowing…Read More

Post-Prison Education Program has been chosen as the recipient of this year's National Men's Warehouse Suit Drive in Seattle from June 27th…Read More

Post-Prison Education Program

Check out this article about a class which set out to rethink the criminal justice system and challenge the class divide. Read more, join us, become an agent for change:


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