As of Feb 21, 2013

 Total Population of Hazaras in Pakistan600,000 - 700,000 
(0.6 million in Quetta)

 Total Number of Attacks (partial list)

129 (Ongoing since 1999) 
Google Map of Attacks ]  Total Number of Attacks / Killed / Injured in 2013 (Year to date)8 Attacks / 213 Killed / 313+ Injured
Including Feb 16 attack: 91 killed / 190 injured - Last updated: Feb 21

 Total Number of Attacks / Killed / Injured in 201261 Attacks / 116 Killed / 149+ Injured (min)

Deaths = confirmed deaths based on figures maintained by HOPE

Injured = Based on figures by Hazara sources + figures reported in various reputed news sources. Exact num of injuries and subsequent deaths are difficult to ascertain in the after math of suicide/bomb blasts resulting in mass injuries. 

 Total Hazaras Killed (1999 - Now)1300+ (approx) [ Victims / Injured List ]
*excluding 300 Hazaras dying as a result of boat capsizing during migration

 Total Hazaras Injured (1999 - Now)3,000 (approx)

 Financial Support of TerroristsSaudi Arabia, UAE, etc.
* Saudi supports a network of over 
20,000 madrassas in Pakistan that produces thousands of foot soldiers for the Terrorists networks. In addition, Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations also directly finances Terrorist Orgs in Pakistan

 Safe Haven and TrainingPakistani Govt and Security Apparatus

 Terrorist Organizations Involved & AffiliationsLashkar-e Jhangvi, Jaish-ul-Islam
* Affiliated networks: Al-Qaida and Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP)

 Terrorist brought to justice in 15 yearsZero (0)

 Num of Hazaras migrated offshore55,000 (min)

 Total Hazaras deaths as a result of migration (boat sinkings enroute to Australia, etc.)300 (approx)

 No-go Areas [in Pakistan] for Hazaras90% of Quetta city and 100% of wider Balochistan; Hazaras are currently not safe anywhere in Pakistan.
(In Quetta, Hazaras are confined in an "Open Air Jail" in two Hazara enclaves: a few miles radius in Alamdar Road and in Hazaratown)

UN Should wake up and support hazara people in Pakistan and Afghanistan stop lashkari jahngawi stop terrorist  200 hazaras killed in 40days more then 400 injured in this attack  carried by Lashkari jahngawi in quetta pakistan. jamaat ahle sunat pakistan is behind lashkari jahngawi. 


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