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Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) is a non-funded non-profit NGO fighting for men's rights, Gender Equality and Family Harmony by creating awareness against the misuse of anti-male laws like Section 498A (the dowry law), the Domestic Violence Act, and the various Maintenance laws etc. which are systematically breaking down the family system of India and perpetrating state sponsored…

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Mumbai was safe city previously but now a days it is becoming unsafe for any single person who is traveling alone.Not only female males are also unsafe if they are traveling without group.Not only while traveling even walking on roads as well.Now there is tendency if you have group of 5 to 6 people then you can break any law.I would like to give you simple example from Dombivli East. At Gopal Nag…

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    I am simple person who believe on trust factor.I am activist for men basic human rights.

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