Before reading this up to date story please beware of Deeply upsetting content , But for those who need to know the reality of what…Read More

fighters against child abuse UK , Global organisation

BBC's reputation is on the line as it should be , when will the public demand a change in the law for any & all child abusing criminals
These so called untouchable studio/media/Movie/music Bosses held accountable also .British police arrested convicted sex offender and former pop star Gary…Read More

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We must do more to protect our children from sexual abuseJoe Hermitt/The Patriot-NewsJerry Sandusky in a file photo.As the trial of accused child molester Jerry Sandusky begins, we can expect to see, once again, the public’s outrage about the whole tragic…Read More

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International operation swoops on child sexual abusers trading online images LYON, France – A global operation targeting individuals using social networking groups to…Read More

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