Christmas shopping for a pup???

  • Update #7

Please consider a rescue, there are too many animals in shelters. Buying from Breeders or Pet Stores only makes that number even bigger.         Jan p.s. If you haven't yet taken this pledge, please do. :))

Thank you all

  • Update #6

One hundred and seventy eight pledges is way more than I expected. I am so happy to do whatever little thing I can, in the struggle to reduce the euthanasia of healthy, innocent animals. As I have told you, I have rescued two cats and three dogs in the…Read More

Thank you all

  • Update #5

I am so thankful to you all for signing and for drawing your friends attention to this issue. Please continue to publicize this cause and do what you can in your lifetime to protect the innocent creatures of the world. The dog above, Cooper, was rescued by…Read More

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