About the campaign to

Help Provide Seeds of Hope

Inspiration and courage are hallmarks of Village Summit.

We seek to inspire our community by offering positive influences to our children and neighborhood.

We challenge our community to be couragous, by promoting volunteerism.


We just received the great news that we have been selected for help from an AmeriCorps member this summer with the community gardens & lunch program.  And boy do we need it!!!  But first we need to raise $1700 in matching funds by the end of April...  

You can donate securely through PayPal here: http://www.villagesummit.org/help-wanted

If you are not able to donate please help us to spread our message...

A previously foreclosed house, transformed into a valuable resource for the neighborhood. Our mission is focused on helping children in the community and building bonds between community members through volunteerism and personal service.


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