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Enforce Equal Treatment and Due Process, Protect Parental Rights and Reform America's Family Courts Millions of Americans who have been through a contested divorce proceeding in the Family Court systems across the U.S. are acutely aware that injustice is served at the whims of the attorneys and other "profiteers" of the Family Court System.  Unfair laws, policies, and practices not only violate…

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Let them (or their staff) know to contact Patrick Fleming in Rep. Mark Meadows' office for more information or to sign on in support. If they ask for a bill number, point out that we are seeking original cosponsors – a bill number has not yet been assigned.If your congressman agrees to cosponsor, let them know that if they include [email protected] on their email to Rep. Meadows' staff,…

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Scott Adams
Scott Adams Campaign leader

Re-abusing children in court | Stop Abuse Campaign Judges re-abuse children worse than abusers By Lindsay Preston When someone hurts us…Read More

Adopt Uniform Parenting Time Guidelines

Create new rules for Family Court Judges to follow when deciding custody disputes. Studies found that mothers were awarded sole or primary custody in 72 percent of cases. The study, which reviewed 10 years of child custody cases, also found that, on average, courts grant noncustodial parents less than 20 percent of the child’s time. The study…Read More
Scott Adams
Scott Adams Campaign leader encourages you to join these concerned citizens by writing a letter to the editors of your local paper(s), explaining…Read More

In the Spotlight: Constitution should affirm rights of parents | Online Athens

Laura Rupers
Although our Constitution guarantees many rights, one of our fundamental rights is not protected: the right to direct the upbringing of our children. This right is essential to a free society, yet, increasingly, parental choices are being overridden. An Oklahoma court ruled that parents did not have the right to be on public school property…Read More
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