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Deborah Mahmoudieh

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Reform Family Law ~ Stop Hurting Parents And Children

This campaign matters to me immensely, as a victim-survivor of childhood abuse myself, I am fully aware of both damage and impact on adult life. The secrecy is a part of the abuse and therefore, it is doubly abusive that the Family law & Courts it empowers, are complicit in impounding abuse by insisting on maintaining the very same veil of secrecy that facilitates repeated abuse of both children and adults. The secrecy is protecting abusers.

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Loretta Rhodes

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Reform Family Law ~ Stop Hurting Parents And Children

Sometimes it is a matter of who has the most money that determines who gets custody of children and that isn't fair. The law needs to change so that all involved are treated equally and accusations need to be well proven. We need to protect our children from the influence of lies and allow them to grow up in the best of worlds....those being where they are loved and cherished and not used as tools to hurt others with.

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Billy Cunningham

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Reform Family Law ~ Stop Hurting Parents And Children

Short story: June 2006 ,I ,Billy Cunningham met undocumented Zoila Pineda at construction work site. We like and move in house together April 2008. Nov. 2008 we marry. April 2009 we have daughter and begin immigration application. 2010 we hire immigration lawyer and present our applications w/fees. Many ups and downs. By 2012 Zoila becomes hateful harassing our child to get me upset. Zoila says the immigration lawyer is no good. So we got a review from TN king of immigration ( Elliotte Ozmont). He said the immigration file was all wrong and Zoila was to be deported soon. March 2012 -Elliotte said he could file in country 601-A wavier. Homeland Security Immigration says no Elliotte can not. This application 601-A is on federal register and may become usable Oct. 2012. Mean while i am calling The State Department and Homeland Security for answers on immigration case. They agree with our original immigration lawyer, Zoila needs wavier for enter with out inspection. So March 2013 the 601-A becomes usable . We apply w/fee to receive denied by June 2013 and reapplied 601-A to denied Aug 2013. So i continued to locate the consulate of Tegucigalpa Honduras. They can not do Zoila time frame? We need go northern El Salvador.? State Department says Tegucigalpa is correct place to interview Zoila's immigration file. Jan.2014 original lawyer says go to Juarez Mexico to finish wavier? Strange? Don't know what? Feb 2014 we got Email from original lawyer saying Zoila needed to go abroad to finish wavier and i got DV assault arrest that night. I got out of jail ,hired original lawyer's dad for criminal charge and he wanted me to plea guilty. On the civil the lawyer said Zoila no reconcile and wanted a divorce. Lawyer said divorce was only way for me to see my daughter(lie). I hire other lawyer,same crap(lie). I only say jury trial.Not guilty. State want move till after a year. So civil will be out of time ,Hun? My trial date March 4 -2015. Nashville TN .Court 5-A Birch Bld.

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