Parental Rights in the Courts

  • Update #5

The right of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children has been recognized and upheld for centuries. But there are dark clouds on the horizon. Today parental rights are coming under assault from federal judges who deny or refuse to…Read More


  • Update #2

Join the Purple Keyboard Campaign 4 Family Justice Reform and Write ONE Letter HOW THIS WILL HELP The injustice of Family Court and it's agencies that are supposed to help children are failing people on a daily basis and and in turn jeopardizing society as…Read More

Children's Bill of Rights

  • Update #1

WHEN PARENTS ARE NOT TOGETHER Every kid has rights, particularly when mom and dad are splitting up. Below are some things parents shouldn't forget -- and kids shouldn't let them -- when the family is in the midst of a break-up. You have the right to love…Read More