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Wendy Greene

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Adopt 28th Parental Rights Amendment To U.S. Constitution

My family and I have been injured by wrongdoers whom have been abusing their power, and committing crimes against my family for almost 3 years now. There are fundamental parental rights written into the Constitution in the Fourteenth Amendment, the issue I see is a systemic problem where the judges and people in power are interpreting it however they see fit' in order to kidnap your children for profit. They then proceed to make you out to be the criminal. We must add some teeth to this fundamental sacred familial right. Make it clear with out a doubt that if our rights as parents are infringed upon with out imminent danger (meaning in the situation of losing limb or life) they cannot tell us how to parent our children unless they want to be removed from their position dishonorably; fined $500,000; and go to prison without bail for 10 years at least. Mandated prison time if our rights are violated and or deprived of. How it sits now it is not in the best interest of the child. It is in the best interest of the state; paying back the foster care funding they have to match in Title V and IV funding. They also make money off of the over medicating of our children, and the SSI money for special needs goes to their federal funding not the children; same goes for the child support; does not go towards the children, it goes to paying back the federal funding they have to match. None of it is for the children or the parents it is all about money and that is it. They view us as dispensable. Please sign and share this; stand up and speak out against this tyranny.

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Steve Wickenden

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Adopt 28th Parental Rights Amendment To U.S. Constitution

Ex she isn't Australian, gets legal aid for 4 years solid, housing, benefits, even after admitting to purgatory. She won't allow contact, That's corrupt no matter how you look at it. Also know as discrimination bias slander defamation and Fraud False allegations of parental alienation by Bell, then to by way of orders commit PA by Bell, that's seriously corrupt. proven false allegations, no DV, had 1 hour contact in 2 years, what not corrupt? 11 hrs · Like

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DomesticAbuse Angels

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Adopt 28th Parental Rights Amendment To U.S. Constitution

I have been the targeted parent in an extreme alienation case and the damage done to my children by their father sharing negative information and lies about me their mother and sharing adult content with them has caused significant damage. My children are victims of child abuse. Please please try and be the best coparent you can and put your kids needs before your own selfish rage toward your former spouse.

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