Imagine a world without plastic shopping bags. It could be the future.

The objective is to ban all plastic shopping bags in the Azores to protect our sea-life and to keep our islands cleaner and raise public awareness about pollution of plastics.

"Every piece of litter has a human face behind it.…Read More

"The experience, and how it changed the way I think about fish were shown in Hugh's Fish Fight…Read More

Subsidies paid to owners of fishing vessels and others working in the fishing industry under the European Union's Common Fisheries Policy…Read More

André Silveira
André Silveira Campaign leader

We need your support. Share this cause with your friends so that images like these end up in the Azores. Thanks to all UPDATE #1 Please…Read More

Save the Marine Treasures of the Azores

Long-fought decision was last major hurdle on path to closing EU loopholes

22 November 2012

STRASBOURG - The Shark Alliance welcomes the European Parliament's vote to close loopholes in the European Union ban on shark finning, the practice of slicing off a shark's fins and discarding the body at…Read More

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