Family Courts are injuring "fit" parents by allowing false allegations of domestic violence strip a father's right to access his child. There are several well documented "Family Court CAUSED" Post Traumatic Stress Disorder cases logged with the Florida Department of Health. To make matters worse…Read More

Taxpayers have paid for me to be in family court for 11 years. Parental Alientation is a crime and should be recognized as such. The courts contribute to Parental Alienation by keeping the parents in strife. I know first hand so I say THANK YOU FOR THIS CAMPAIGN. Taxpayers enjoy paying the court…Read More

Because its happening to me and my kids by their dad. Its expensive and it never ends and its painful as hell. Most of all it messes with the kids more and more. There are no laws against it and no remedy outlined in the legal books. Its like trying to fight air.

"In discussing this topic, I would say that the concept of parental alienation is clearly in DSM-5, although the actual words are not. …Read More

Children's Rights: The actual words "parental alienation" are not in DSM-5,

This beautiful animation above was created especially for Bubbles of Love Day on behalf of Kids Aiding the PAAO (KAPAAO).  Thank you to the very talented Bronwyn Coveney, from the United kingdom for volunteering her time and talent on behalf of children around the world. Bronwyn is the original visual creator of the PAAO and KAPAAO's,  mascot…Read More

Bring Awareness to Parental Alienation in Family Court
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