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Muaranna Hill

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Bring Awareness To Parental Alienation In Family Court

The court system did nothing to help me, the mother, or my sons. The lawyers encouraged and allowed our boys to disintegrate into zombies while the father continued to brainwashed the boys while he paid his way through the legal system, to get away with alienating the children from the Mother . Lying to the boys the entire time. They were used to hurt the Mother for money and narcissism. They will never be the same, as they were robbed of their childhood ,lied to, for money and control by the father and the courts. Parental Alienation is severe Child Abuse ,not divorce.

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April Anne Markunas

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Bring Awareness To Parental Alienation In Family Court

Parental Alienation has been a large factor in our family and really needs to be brought attention to the system, so others should no longer have to be subject to and tortured by parental alienation. PA reaches as far a secondary family members, even when you are no longer married into the family. It affects the younger generation because they will not know where they came from. The integrity, heritage and family values that each child inherit are being subject to degradation and erasure by the system. The court system does not look at the truth, only what they are lead to believe by the alienators.

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Danette Bartkins Dougherty

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Bring Awareness To Parental Alienation In Family Court

because I am living it !!! stop allowing mothers in my case to mentally hurt their own children. IT's child abuse and it must stop. do we want to hear about more kills in our schools etc because of mental issues!!! Do we want to read my reports about suicides of young kids? I DO NOT AND I AM GOING TO FIGHT PARENTAL ALIENATION TO HELP STOP AT LEAST ONE MENTAL ISSUE WE CAN STOP FOR THE ONSET OF IT !!!!!

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