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W r i t e O N E L e t t e r -- A Worldwide Event! The injustice of the Family Court System, and it's agencies that are supposed to help…Read More

Children's Rights: "Justice is the most sacred part and the most incomparably binding part of morality."

"Why You Matter To Your Daughter" Author Peggy Drexler writes, “It’s no secret that the past few decades have transformed traditional gender relationships. Both men and ...

“the law concerning the presence of the media in these private proceedings…is to enable the press to be the eyes and ears of the public so…Read More

Why can’t we be clear about transparency in the Family Court?

In July, Question Time completed a record-breaking run of 39 episodes. As the stage props are retrieved from a few months in storage and Twitter growls in anticipation for its Thursday evening politics splurge, it’s an appropriate time we glanced back and revisited the question the vexes so many: is there bias on Question Time? When this…Read More
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