Children, Families and Society as a whole are being undermined by the effects Family Law Courts, Child Protection Services and other associated agencies have on their LIVES! This needs to be exposed NOW!

Judicial Accountability Committee (JAC) gets regular requests from individuals seeking assistance with injustices they are facing in the criminal justice system, family courts and in other spheres of public life. Because of the numbers of people seeking help, and the limitations of our resources, we must be highly selective of the cases we take.

If you wish to apply for our assistance, there are a few requirements you must meet, and some matters that we must make perfectly clear before reviewing your information and making a determination on whether we can do any work on your behalf. Our terms are direct and to the point. This is not to offend you or put you off, but to give you complete honesty from the beginning.

"The father's rights movement isn't an anti-mom or anti-woman movement; it's an anti-unfairness movement. It just so happens that moms have most of the power in the family court system in America." ~ Attorney Joseph E. Cordell 

Good fathers are being systematically removed from their children in domestic relations courts around our country through discriminatory laws which support a multi-billion dollar government industry. It is a form of oppression where innocent children become the hard victims.

Our talents, health and productivity are being lost to a litigious system focused on the ever elusive child’s best interests. We have come a long way since the Dred Scott decision.

Here "I" am...a white civil rights advocate petitioning a black president for equal rights. Yet it is much more than that. A father is asking another father to help preserve future generations of Americans. Being an activist/critic goes against my basic desire for privacy. Yet, circumstances compel me to write.


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