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Scott Adams
Scott Adams Campaign leader

W r i t e O N E L e t t e r -- A Worldwide Event! The injustice of the Family Court System, and it's agencies that are supposed to help…Read More

Children's Rights: "Justice is the most sacred part and the most incomparably binding part of morality."

"Why You Matter To Your Daughter" Author Peggy Drexler writes, “It’s no secret that the past few decades have transformed traditional gender relationships. Both men and ...

Here's an example of just one judge.

Connecticut Judge Seals Own Divorce Records While Ruling in Other Family Court Cases

A Connecticut family court judge from a politically connected family was able to seal her entire divorce file, even as she asked participants in divorces she judged to perform extraordinary tasks in litigating their own divorces. Waterbury Superior Court Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto is a member of the Bozzuto family, which not only owns Bozzuto Inc.,…Read More

This is happening across the world.

CT court employees face tough questions over conflicts of interest | Washington Times Communities

WASHINGTON, May 20, 2013 - Several Connecticut state employees may soon find themselves in hot water for using their positions as judges and Judicial Branch managers to promote a Judicial Branch vendor that they personally founded and operate from their State offices. In April 2013, the Connecticut Commission on Judicial Ethics issued an…Read More
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