Learn how this Family Court System is injuring this father and child. Zoraya and David Inguanzo, an Alienated Child and Targeted Parent are…Read More

Children's Rights: Stand Up For Zoraya

Ngozi A. Godwell ~ TOWARDCHANGE ACTIVIST 4 CHILDREN AND FAMILIES “David is a devoted father and a very strong Civil Rights campaigner. He is a well informed advocate, publisher and researcher. An experienced litigant in the family court, there is not really much for me to add in this arena about David, because his blogs, causes and websites will…Read More

The BEST parent is BOTH parents! Children's Rights Blog - http://www.ILoveAndNeedMyDaughter.blogspot.com

Enact Uniform Parenting Time Guidelines ~ Separated Parents

"This is not a question of fathers' or mothers' rights; it is about protecting the rights of children to have two loving parents fully…Read More

Children's Rights: What happens in Florida when visitation rights are frustrated?

In 2013 the International Access and Visitation Centers conference was held in Toronto. Parental Alienation Awareness Organization (PAAO) was there and spoke to most of the 200 or so practitioners. Of course all were familiar with alienation and it's results. Everyone was not only gratified to see PAAO at the event, they all also acknowledged that…Read More

These attorneys and the Family Courts need to prove why a Father should NOT have 50% Equal Time Share Arrangement! This is basically a…Read More

Children's Rights: Where's The Common Sense? Fix Family Courts!

"Children need both parents to be involved in their  lives even when parents don't live together anymore! Loving Florida father's like "Ray" are being denied their parental rights by the other parent and their Florida Attorneys,  Florida Judges and Magistrates, and Florida's Judicial System! Family courts routinely curtail parenting…Read More
David Inguanzo
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