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Rick Garza

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Enact Uniform Parenting Time Guidelines ~ Separated Parents

Family Court system is repugnant to the Constitution and effectively, yet nefariously, deny parents and their children Constitutional rights. If people read the Constitution then they would realize this is what is happening. Check out the following websites:

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Warren Demers

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Enact Uniform Parenting Time Guidelines ~ Separated Parents

I love my children more than anything in this world. I've been devastated by being forced out of their lives! My physical body is literally dying from the heartache! If they miss out on the experience and guidance of their dad they will be cheated out of years of knowledge and experience not to mention the love! Time can never be replaced neither can missed opportunities. The time to act is now and I'm doing all I know with all my might to be there for the lives I helped bring into this world. I owe myself to my children. I must be available with every breath! Unite and fight for our children! They deserve to be thoroughly equipped in every way! No one will love them like their blood parents! SUPPORT THE CAUSE! SUPPORT THIS MINUTE!

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